FBS- Finest Building Services


                Building Maintenance • General Contracting • Window Solutions


We provide service to companies of all sizes:

  • Commerical office buildings
  • Landmark properties
  • Medical facilities
  • Residential properties
  • Construction companies

Window Services & Cleaning

Windows, Glass & Aluminum 

FBS Window Solutions provides impeccable service for interior and exterior window and glass systems.  Our approach to each assignment begins with a comprehensive plan that ensures that the work we do is  thorough and safe for our clients and staff.

FBS understands that the condition of your corporate space reflects upon your corporate image.

The proper professional maintenance of a commercial building’s glass not only enhances a facility’s aesthetic qualities, but also ensures that the public’s first impression upon arrival will be a positive one.

 Marble- Metal-Wood-Door Repair 

FBS has a Metal, Marble and Wood Maintenance and Restoration Division is an integral part of our service offerings. We currently maintain many of New York's signature properties by providing repair, maintenance and restoration services to building floors, walls, façades, landscape structures and other metal, marble and wood trim.

Our professionals are artisans committed to their craft. They leverage the latest metal, marble and wood, cleaning and restoration techniques to improve the appearance of every surface that is touched and maintained.

This division specializes in:
• Oxidizing
• Polishing
• Scratch removal
• Diamondizing
• Crystallizing
• Sealing


We provide customized cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that your unique space is exactly the way you want it to be. We do this by relying upon our experienced team of cleaning and maintenance professionals, many of whom have risen through the ranks from cleaning buildings to managing accounts.

Our quality control measures are unparalleled and enable us to exceed client expectations.

Our Services include:

• Janitorial Services
• Carpet Care
• Construction Clean-up
• Special Event Clean-up 
• Pressure Washing
• Window Cleaning

General Contracting & Interior Renovation Specialist

Our quality control measures are unparalleled and enable us to exceed client expectations.

Our Services include:

• Genreal Contracting
• Interior Renovations
• Painting
• Carpentry
• Installation